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At Comiskey Kaufman Consulting, LLC, we provide assistance in the following areas:


Life Insurance

Life Settlements

Disability Income Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Let Us Help You Master Your Life Insurance Program

Our role is to assist individuals, families, companies and their professional advisors in the construction of an appropriate solution to planning needs that are best solved using life insurance. The process typically begins with a clear understanding of goals and objectives, followed by a careful evaluation of existing planning and funding arrangements. The input of all key participants is solicited and incorporated. Once a strategy is agreed upon, we oversee the careful process of underwriting and implementing all parts of the structure that is needed to achieve the desired result, being certain that the funding portion of the plan coordinates fully with the work being done by other members of the advisory team. A clear summary of the implemented strategy is delivered to the client and advisors. A plan of regular review and monitoring is agreed upon and is then followed into the future.